Bespoke Projects

With a combined experience of 80 years in the hot drinks industry we have field managers within the team who will be able to understand your be-spoke project requirements. We are here to take the headache away from planning that resource demanding project. Some of the projects we have previously worked are detailed below as well as details on the consultancy services we can also provide.

International Roll Out and Rebrand

This project involved a buy out of a brand in Europe, where all machines and concessions were shipped back to the UK from Poland, machines refurbished and concessions rebranded with a high street name. Machines were then returned to Poland, installed and sites trained. The end result was a successful roll out of machines and concessions with the new brand across the country on time, in budget despite the challenges of winter climate. If you have a project similar UK or international please get in touch.

Implementation of Telemetry

The roll out of telemetry was project managed by one of our team for a large PLC company. At the end of the project 96% of the estate communicated to an outbound call centre who increased profits by 17% and a positive impact on compliance at site level, using the processes put in place to reduce downtime on equipment. Telemetry can report on error messages on bean to cup machines such as cleans required, out of beans, out of milk etc alerting either by a web based format or direct to a contact by text or email.


Whilst working with a major supplier of hot drinks machines we established a repeat failing of a part that was causing a spike in reactive call outs. After looking at the design of the particular component we assisted in recommending and designing a change in the part, which our team of engineers later swept the UK replacing, reducing the number of call outs and increasing sales. If you are experiencing similar issues or require a similar project managed please get in touch.

Written Scheme of examinations out of date – large estate

When a major UK based gym network realised that all of their coffee machines were either out of date or expiring on their written scheme of examination on pressure vessels our mangers and field based team were able to eliminate the issue with 1 month of being handed the project. Essential to health and safety this allowed the clubs to serve coffee using legal machines.


Whether you need a strategic view of your current field service provision, or you need, help in defining a service strategy, or simply have a skills gap you temporarily need to fill in the field management structure or support in coaching those crucial first line managers our experience within the industry we can provide you with a solution without the need to have a permanent head count.

Temporary replacement of a managerial position by:

  • Termination or resignation
  • Temporary leave

Management of an organisational change

  • Merger & Acquisition processes between companies (due diligence, negotiation and executive management).
  • Restructuring of areas, departments, or business units.
  • Business restructuring and turnaround.
  • Professionalization of the family business.
  • Preparation of generational succession and mentoring of junior managers.
  • Execution of cost reduction plans.
  • Execution of digital transformation strategies.
  • Process of cultural transformation or change management

Management and Development of new businesses

  • Implementation of strategic and operational plans.
  • Development of new business models.
  • Development of new market niches.
  • Launch of new product or service lines