Whether you need a strategic view of your current field service provision, or you need, help in defining a service strategy, or simply have a skills gap you temporarily need to fill in the field management structure or support in coaching those crucial first line managers our experience within the industry we can provide you with a solution without the need to have a permanent head count. 

Temporary replacement of a managerial position by:

  • Termination or resignation
  • Temporary leave

Management and Development of new businesses

  • Merger & Acquisition processes between companies (due diligence, negotiation and executive management).
  • Restructuring of areas, departments, or business units.
  • Business restructuring and turnaround.
  • Professionalization of the family business.
  • Preparation of generational succession and mentoring of junior managers.
  • Execution of cost reduction plans.
  • Execution of digital transformation strategies.
  • Process of cultural transformation or change management

Management of an organisational change

  • Implementation of strategic and operational plans.
  • Development of new business models.
  • Development of new market niches.
  • Launch of new product or service lines