Case Study

Bravilor Bonamat

Our customer

Bravilor Limited is the UK division of Bravilor Bonamat, a world-renowned manufacturer of coffee machines and beverage equipment. With a head office in the Netherlands, Bravilor Bonamat boasts a presence in over 100 countries across the globe. It focuses on the manufacture and sale of its own brand and OEM machines. Bravilor Limited chooses not to operate its own field service team in the United Kingdom, preferring to outsource this to external specialists.

The challenge

Bravilor’s goal was to improve the customer’s experience in terms of “in the field” aftercare provision. The specific focus was on delivering improved response rates and exceptional customer communication.

Our solution

Following our extensive experience installing and maintaining Bravilor machines for other partners, we began working directly with the company in 2019. By delivering installation, servicing, PSSR testing, and repair services to its customers, including coffee machine distributors and end users, we enable Bravilor to offer an important benefit: they can reassure customers that they work with a trusted field service specialist to keep machines in great shape.

The results

Delivering a nationwide service covering a wide range of customers—including casinos, hospitals, cafes, and theme parks—we consistently hit our lead time targets and are able to take proactive steps to flag machines that need attention. Our business with Bravilor is steadily increasing as the size of our team continues to expand.

“For over 70 years, Bravilor has developed and expanded its product range. We have built a global brand based on reliability, quality, and excellence, which we incorporate into every aspect of our business. Of course, this ethos doesn’t stop at our warehouse door. Once our products have been safely delivered, installation, preventative maintenance, and reactive maintenance must be provided quickly to our same high standards and as required by each unique customer. This is where our partnership with FSS begins.”

Justin Brown, Managing Director, Bravilor Ltd.