The team at Field Service Solutions are here to support both your planned and reactive maintenance requirements. Coffee machines for example require their planned maintenance in line with manufacture guidance, water filters exchanged determined by the quality of water at site level, and for every machine fitted with a pressure boiler there is legal requirement for the owner to have a written scheme of examination. On behalf of your business we can manage the maintenance of your estate of machines leaving you reassured that the machine is always in the best working order and legal. 

We can reduce costs of maintenance and downtime of your coffee machine by carrying out the service, filter change and pressure test in one agreed visit.   

Our off the shelf service contracts include planned maintenance  and back up reactive calls that can accommodate everything from a coffee shop owner to large corporate estates.

PSSR Examinations

To keep you compliant and up to date with “Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000”, we are Fully Certified to undertake your annual PSSR inspections. This is an inspection required by law and insurance companies to ensure that your steam boiler is in safe working order.  After completion, your bespoke report is available online 24/7 and we give you full access to this. Our engineers are competent examiners and have received safety regulation training, which is approved by the institute of Safety and Health (IOSH).

Under UK law your coffee machine is classed as a pressure vessel and comes under Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. If you do not stay compliant and there is an unfortunate incident involving your coffee machine, your insurance company may void your policy and you could be liable for a civil law suit and/or criminal charges.

To understand how important it is to stay compliant with the PSSR regulations please click on the below to take you to a news related story.

Why we do pressurised testing

You should ensure that your machine is tested annually. There is further information available on the health and safety executive website and their pdf on the safety of pressure systems is available below.

HSE information on PSSR

Planned Maintenance

To avoid reactive calls we advise machines are serviced in line with manufactures guidance. There are many reasons why a machine requires regular maintenance for example fats from milk and oils from Coffee beans can also enter parts of machines over a period of time, if they are left they again cause issues with equipment but also after time reduce the quality of drink that you serve. There are also parts that wear over time that will require replacing. The completion of maintenance calls on time as required will increase the lifespan of your machine ensuring that you get the best value from your original investment.

We can take ownership of planning and scheduling these on your behalf ensuring that our team of fully trained engineers are equipped with the correct kits in advance. We can liaise with you to avoid servicing during peak time of trade minimising disruption and keeping sales of drinks to a maximum.

Filter Changes

Water filters reduce limescale along with odor impairing substances like chlorine. The build up of limescale has two negative impacts. Firstly the limescale can damage components of machines, which are not only costly but will incur downtime on you machine costing your business profits, secondly the quality of your hot drinks will be of a lesser quality reducing flavor and quality.  

Based on the quality of water at site, the volume of water through your machines we will advise you on the best filter and schedule of replacement to ensure that your machine is protected from damage from limescale build up and you continue to service quality drinks delivering customer satisfaction. 


We offer both a standard and premier annual contract which include reactive calls, however if your requirements need to be tailor made we are more than happy to discuss the detail.  If a contract is not for you, we offer call outs on a pay as you go basis however this can be costly in particular when services are not kept up to date.

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Standard Contracts

  • 12 month duration
  • On site Training session
  • Technical telephone support
  • 1 x Front End Service
  • 1 x Water filter change
  • 1 x PSSR Inspection (including new safety valve)
  • Online access 24/7 to maintenance history
  • 4 x reactive call outs included

Premier Contracts

  • Unlimited reactive call outs with Labour
  • 12 month duration
  • Technical telephone support
  • On Site Training session
  • 1 x Front End Service
  • 1 x PSSR Inspection (including new safety valve)
  • 1 x water filter change
  • Online access 24/7 to maintenance history

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