Remote Virtual Assistance

Our remote visual assistance system helps us deliver an even more efficient and cost-effective service for our customers.

This exciting technology allows instant and remote connection between our technical team and our customers, guiding them carefully to be able to resolve some of the issues with the machines themselves.

By enabling customers to stream smartphone images of their coffee machine without the need for a call-out, we can zoom in, capture details and identify issues. We can even provide you with augmented reality on-screen pointers to help resolve problems quickly and easily.

Key features

  • No download needed – it supports all major mobile browsers so no need to install an app
  • Live pointer on live video to help you navigate to the right action
  • Live drawing and typing to enable a smooth collaboration – removing any terminology confusion
  • Txt extraction so we can capture machine errors and serial numbers
  • Voice chat and txt chat feature
  • Ability to turn ON and OFF a remote flashlight
  • Remote zoom function enabling engineers to examine the fine detail


The system helps us to improve our customer service by speeding up response and reducing waiting times, resulting in improved machine uptime and lower costs for customers.

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