From machines to components we can provide you with a solution.

Our new workshop means we can re manufacture machines and re-furbish components with the experience of our in-house skilled team. Included in the portfolio of machines we work on are traditional coffee machines, bean to cup, water, hot water boilers and water machines.

This gives us the ability to provide customers with a cost-effective alternative to purchasing costly parts or new machines. In addition to saving on costs there is an environmental advantage saving energy, landfill and reducing pollution.

Field Service Solutions excel in making our refurbished machines not only serve drinks like new but also look new.

Re-manufacturing machines restores old worn assets which will extend their lifespan and increase their overall revenue, there is up to a 60% saving on re-manufacture versus purchasing new. We strip, clean and completely rebuild machines, replacing all necessary parts and restoring any cosmetic areas to the highest level.

Once this process is complete, we thoroughly test and calibrate the machine to specification, providing your old machine with a new lease of life to continue to serve drinks. All machines come with a one-year warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

We offer this facility from large re-manufacturing programs where large estates of machines can be processed or one-off individual requirements.

Alongside this we can offer re-installation of equipment where required.

By investing in the refurbishment of component’s we believe that not only will you increase performance and reliability, but you will also increase up-time and capacity.

A typical example of a refurbished component would be a whipper motor on a coffee machine where we would strip the unit back and clean, replace seals, and test to factor standard at a fraction cost of a new one. Parts come with a one-year warranty (subject to terms and conditions). 

Field Service Solutions can run programs to remanufacture components to meet the demands of both small and large projects for customers, we can assist in planning, and forecasting stock holdings to allow minimum disruption and downtime to business.  

We work in partnership with all of our customers to fully understand refurbishment and remanufacture requirements in order that we deliver to their specification and within timescales. Please get in touch to discuss your needs further.