Coffee Machine Servicing

Let’s get smart with our coffee

Keeping your workforce engaged, focused and positive at a time when we’re being bombarded with negative news, centred largely around the cost of living and pending recession, is a challenge!

Inevitably, businesses are exploring ways in which they can cut costs without having any adverse effect on staff and the wider operation. It’s a challenge for sure but sometimes it’s the smaller things that can make the bigger difference.

Good coffee has become almost a daily ritual for many and for some, has become an essential way to start the day. Did you know that you could supply your teams with bean to cup  coffee all day, every day for a fraction of the cost, compared to a coffee cup made by boiling a kettle? Let’s take a look at the facts…

To boil a cup of water in a kettle, it will currently cost you about 1.28p, based on an average 3kW kettle taking around 45 seconds to boil (based on the current price for a unit of electricity being 34p per kWh). An average member of staff will have three coffees a day therefore with 260 working days in a year, costs amount to £332.80 per worker, per year. Those figures are based on a single worker so multiply that by the number of people in your team and you’ll get a clearer picture.

Now, compare the costs of a commercial bean to cup coffee machine which can make seven espressos for just 1.5p – that is a huge difference. It takes around 20 – 25 seconds to make a bean to cup coffee so that’s six to seven cups made, whilst the kettle’s still boiling…  Not only are you saving time, and considerable cost savings, but you are making quality, fresh coffee that feels both satisfying and indulgent to your team.

Whilst the outlay of a coffee machine is a lot more than an average kettle, costs can be quickly recouped with many brand manufactures introducing a medium size commercial model catering for this very need. If you add to this a maintenance or service plan through a provider such as Field Service Solutions down time is zero, the cups keep flowing and so do a content and ‘coffee satisfied’ workforce.

What are you waiting for…